I Say You All is a "Richie Rich Treasure Chest" segment in the third season of the Richie Rich animated series. This segment first aired on October 30, 1982.

Voice cast


Richie is relaxing on a lounger in the swimming pool when he gets a call from his hillbilly uncle Alfalfy. Richie is unable to attend at the moment, so he sends Cadbury on his behalf. Alfalfy is accompanied by his wife, and a hillbilly maid closely resembling Irona, only made of wood. Cadbury tries to prepare for the hoedown, but makes a big mess. Cadbury apologized, but Alfalfy had no problem and decided to hire Cadbury to be his butler. After a successful cleanup, the hoedown began. In the end, Richie, donned in a suit, accompanied by Gloria, wearing a fancy dress, arrived for the hoedown and Cadbury answers the door, appearing to have dressed like a hillbilly.


  • The title was used in the comic book series, then most recently published in a late 1981 issue of Richie Rich and Cadbury.
  • Toward the end, Gloria makes a brief cameo, but doesn't have any lines.
  • Alfalfy is not to be confused with Alfalfa from The Little Rascals.

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