Richie Rich Image - Irona

Irona is the robot maid who works for Richie Rich's family in the comic book series and in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon adaptation. She was voiced by Joan Gerber, who also lent her voice to Richie's mother, Regina Rich.

In the comic book series, Irona is just a simple robot maid who is very powerful and serves as Richie's bodyguard, along with Cadbury, and is able to help Richie whenever he is in trouble. However, in the animated series, she can transform her body into virtually anything, when needed, in a similar fashion to characters in The Robonic Stooges and Challenge of the GoBots. Whenever Irona receives a request from Richie, she will usually convert into a jet plane, and fly to him. In a Season 3 episode, she started to date Suavo, and in one of her Season 4 appearances, Suavo was considering proposing marriage to her.

There is no certainty whether Irona's character in the animated series was inspired by Rosie the Robot Maid in The Jetsons.

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