Ishmael Masthead runs a cargo boat across the Nile. He is an middle-aged male, with white hair. He wears the attire of a sailor. He holds an old pipe cigar. He is kind-hearted, friendly and always helpful whenever someone is in need. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby rescued him by putting fish in multiple barrels because he mentioned that the mummy pushed him down the hole. He repaid the gang with a boat ride to an old archaeological dig workplace, and gave them a clue to help them. He later gave them Egyptian coins as a token for his appreciation and gratitude. The mummy was caught and revealed to be Ishmael. Fred informed the officer that Ishmael's ferry business wasn't going well so he hatched a scheme to steal the hidden pyramid treasure by dressing up as a mummy, which led to him kidnapping Velma's cousin and scaring everyone off so he could plunder the pyramids in peace. His sloppy work with dropping clues that the gang found, gave him away.

Ishmael Masthead

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