Jana of the Jungle

Jana of the Jungle was the backup segment to The Godzilla Power Hour on NBC. In November and early December 1978, Jana had her own time slot on Saturday mornings.


The blond, green-eyed Jana, voiced by B. J. Ward, roamed the Venezuelan rain forest in search of her lost father. She wore only a dress made of unspecified animal skin and a collar which doubled as a throwing weapon. Her primary means of travel was by swinging on vines.

Jana had two animal friends, Tiko the coatimundi (who more resembled a yapok, a South American aquatic marsupial) and Ghost the albino jaguar, and two human friends, Dr. Ben Cooper and Montaro. Among other animals, Jana has summoned a crocodile, a monkey, a bat, a snake and various tropical birds.

In January 2007, Dynamite Entertainment launched a comic book, with plot by Frank Cho and script by Doug Murray, called Jungle Girl, featuring a blond female character called Jana. She is a Tarzanesque heroine who lives in some kind of "Lost World", a jungle inhabited by dinosaurs and cavemen.

Voice cast


  1. The Golden Idol of the Gorgas
  2. Katuchi Danger
  3. The Cordillera Volcano
  4. The Animal Snatchers
  5. The Renegade
  6. Rogue Elephant
  7. The Prisoner
  8. The Invaders
  9. Dangerous Cargo
  10. The Sting of the Tarantula
  11. Countdown
  12. Suspicion
  13. Race for Life

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