Jane Thursday

Jane Thursday

Jane Thursday is a special agent of the FBI. She appears in "Lights…Camera…Monster", an episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo.

Physical appearance

Jane is an African-American woman with short, black hair. She wears a greenish-gray jacket with its sleeves rolled up and a green shirt underneath, along with a skirt and shoes, which are a darker shade of green. She has yellow triangular earrings.


Jane takes her job as an FBI agent very seriously. She stopped at nothing to uncover the identity of the Coolsville Mall robber, who she (correctly) thought was Vincent Thorne.


Jane was investigating Stinkweed's robberies at the Coolsville Mall and was certain that Vincent Thorne was the culprit. Her sneaking around made her a suspect, but she turned out to be innocent and arrested Thorne after he was unmasked as Stinkweed.


  • Her name apparently is a play on Sgt. Joe Friday, the main character on Dragnet.

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