Joe Baker (December 14, 1928–May 16, 2001) was a British-American actor. He was the voice of Larry Fine on The Robonic Stooges and the Thing on Fred and Barney Meet the Thing.


The son of British vaudevillians, Baker performed pantomime and stand-up in London clubs and cabarets, and acted in such West End stage shows as Joey, Joey and The Great Grimaldi. He starred in his own BBC-TV shows, The Joe Baker Show, Baker's Half Dozen and My Man Joe, and was a favourite of Prince Charles on the children's show Crackerjack! (1955).

After moving to Los Angeles in 1975, Baker starred in movies, TV shows and dozens of commercials. He was a friend of Lou Costello's daughter Chris Costello. She once told Baker, "You do my dad['s voice] better than anyone [else]!" Baker was an expert impressionist, imitating such stars as Lou Costello, John Garfield and James Cagney. Baker once taught Laurence Olivier how to imitate Donald Duck.

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