Joseph is a merchant in Egypt. Joseph is an young adult male, with black hair. He wears a white shirt and jacket, and jeans. He also wears a golden medallion. Joseph is charming, friendly and always caring and helpful towards his fellow customers. He popped up in front of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby when they were looking for directions. Shaggy asked Joseph if he could borrow a flashlight from him, to which he happily agreed, then said good-bye to the gang by disappearing from the shop, confusing the gang where he went. Fred and Daphne eventually found Joseph running a rug store and requested them for their help to arrange his rugs to make them look-alike, to which they did. Joseph expressed his gratitude immensely and gave them a clue as their reward for helping him, also encouraging them to continue their mission on recovering Thelma Dinkley and capturing the mummy. Joseph's store keeping business wasn't going so good, so he hatched a scheme to get his hands on the hidden pyramid treasure. So he donned the appearance of a mummy, and after having a close call with Thelma, he knew he couldn't have a lot of witnesses around, giving him time to make up with a fortune! What better way to scare off folks from the pyramid than to resurrect the legend of the mummy? He got careless and his evil scheme came unravelled.


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