Kris Erik Stevens (birth date unavailable) is an American voice actor and broadcaster. He was the narrator on Smurfs from 1981 to 1985.


At a very early age, Kris Erik Stevens not only captured Billboard magazine's "Air Personality of the Year" award at WLS Chicago, but he covered the North American continent while on the air at night on the Class A clear channel flamethrower station known as WLS. He was consistently rated #1 on major market stations like KIIS-FM Los Angeles, WCFL Chicago, CKLW Detroit, KQV Pittsburgh and WQXI Atlanta.

Seeking a new challenge, Stevens came to Hollywood, studied acting under Jeff Corey and soon began his career as an actor and highly recognized voice-over talent. Additionally, he opened a Broadcast Creative Services company specializing in advertising, recording, and syndicated radio programming. Kris Stevens Enterprises won awards for its unique radio commercials and internationally recognized entertainment radio programs. Stevens conceptualized, produced and hosted the first satellite delivered weekly radio program for the CBS Radio Network. Entertainment Coast to Coast won the Gold Medal Award for Best Entertainment Radio Program of the year.

Stevens has been the key spokesman for major advertising clients worldwide. He's also known for his Signature Voice work for television networks like ABC, HBO, CBS, NBC and more.

Stevens has been the branding Image Voice of leading radio and television stations for many years.

Stevens' after-hours activities are sometimes edgy... but he relishes downhill ski racing, yachting, scuba diving, auto racing, motorcycling, and heli-skiing the Alps and the Canadian Rockies. He's always seeking a new and greater challenge.

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