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Laurel and Hardy title

In 1966, Hanna-Barbera and Larry Harmon collaborated on a series of short cartoons starring animated caricatures of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The plots resembled those of Hanna-Barbera's earlier comedy shorts.


Larry Harmon, the man who made Bozo the Clown a household name, had acquired the rights to the likenesses of the famous comedy duo from Stan and Eda Laurel, and Oliver Hardy's widow, Lucille, in 1961. (A large part of the profits from the cartoon series would eventually go to Stan Laurel's widow, Eda.)

Harmon's company, which had previously produced the Bozo animated cartoons and many of the made-for-TV Popeye cartoons under contract from King Features, began animating The Laurel and Hardy Comedy Show around the same time that producer David L. Wolper contracted with Hanna-Barbera to produce another series after Laurel's death.

Laurel and Hardy later appeared as guests in "The Ghost of Bigfoot", an episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies.

Voice cast


  1. Can't Keep a Secret Agent / Mutt Rut / How Green Was My Lawn Mower / Prairie Panicked
  2. Missile Hassle / No Moose Is a Good Moose / The Bullnick / High Fly Guys
  3. False Alarms / You and Your Big Mouse / Sitting Roomers / Babes in Sea Land
  4. Rome Roamers / Rocket Wreckers / Hot Rod Hardy / Knight Mare
  5. Detective Story / Crash and Carry / Desert Story / Tale of a Sale
  6. Fancy Trance / Hillbilly Bully / Ball Maul / Handle with Care
  7. Suspect in Custody / Automatic Panic / Shiver Mr. Timbers / Stand Out, Stand In
  8. Big Bear Bungle / Shrinking Shriek / Mounty Rout / Bond Bombed
  9. What Fur? / Spook Loot / Camera Bugged / Plumber Pudding
  10. Robust Robot / Vet Fleet / Copper Bopper / Feud for Thought
  11. Love Me, Love My Puppy / Squawking Squatter / Goofy Gopher Goof-Up / Sassy Sea Serpent
  12. Wacky Quackers / Truant Ruined / Country Buzzin' / Naps and Saps
  13. Bad Day in Baghdad / The Missing Fink / Always Leave 'em Gigglin' / Badge Budgers
  14. Two for the Crow / Good Hoods / Animal Shelter / Tragic Magic
  15. Ring-a-Ding King / Ups and Downs / Beanstalk Boobs / Leaping Leprechaun
  16. Tourist Trouble / The Genie Was a Meanie / Mars Little Helper / Curfew for Kids
  17. Lion Around / Shoot Down at Sundown / Horse Detectives / The Two Musketeers
  18. Ali Boo Boo / Ghost Town Clowns / Hurricane Hood / Ride and Seek
  19. Teepee TV / Shoe Shoe Baby / Train Strain / Monster Bash
  20. Say Uncle, Ants / Kitty Pity / Frigid Ray Gun / Southern Hospitality
  21. Frog Frolic / Shutter Bugged / Circus Runaways / Witch Switch
  22. Pie in the Sky / Slipper Slip-Up / Sign of the Times / We Clothe at Five
  23. The Stone Age Kid / Quick Change / Whing Ding / Termite Might
  24. To Bee or Not to Bee / Mistaken Identi-Tree / Rodeo Doug / Pet Shop Polly
  25. Laff Staff / Try and Get It / Riverboat Detectives / Too Many Cooks
  26. Flea's a Crowd / Dingbats / Unhealthy Wealthy / Honesty Always Pays
  27. Plant Rant / Sky High Noon / Handy Dandy Diary / Jumpin' Judo
  28. Get Tough / They Take the Cake / Gold Storage / Lots of Bad Luck
  29. Kangaroo Kaper / The Finks Robbery / Strictly for the Birds / Birds of a Feather
  30. Bird Brains / Switcheroony / Mechanical Mess-Up / Horsey Sense
  31. Bowling Boobs / Dog Tired / Wayout Campers / Goofer Upper Golfers
  32. My Friend the Inventor / Hard Day's Work / Fly-Foot Flatfeet / Baboon Tycoon
  33. A Real Live Wife / Wishy Washy Fish Tale / Stuporman / Wheel and Deal Seal
  34. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing / Lumber Jerks / That's Show Biz / A Clothes Call
  35. Boot Hill Bill / Stop Action Faction / Sky-Scraper-Scape / Sleepy King
  36. Fair Play / Molecule Rule / Peek-a-Boo Pachyderm / Mummy Dummy
  37. Nitey Knight / Fly Spy / Franken Stan / A Real Tycoon
  38. Puppet Show Down / Madcap Mischief / Secret Agents OOO / Flight of the Bumble-Brains
  39. Salt Water Daffy / From Wrecks to Riches / Truant or Consequences / Flipped Van Winkles

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