Arturo de la Guerra, better known as Lil' Arturo, is a supporting villain in The Powerpuff Girls and is a member of the Gangreen Gang. He appears to be very short (the height of the average 5-year-old) and has a Mexican accent. He personally loves his comb. He's the youngest of the gang, at age 14. In "Power Lunch", he was given super speed (from drinking coffee). He is voiced by Tom Kenny in the series, and voiced by Carlos Alazraqui in "Buttercrush".

Physical appearance

Arturo has black hair that is brushed sideways, making him look as if he jumped out of a Picasso painting; a red short-sleeved shirt with a white long-sleeved one underneath, black pants; black shoes; rounded teeth; a dark green nose like that of Big Billy (only triangular), and a Mexican accent. He appears to be a reference to the 1970 George Akiyama manga "Zeni Geba".

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