Main Characters

SpongeBob (Tom Kenny) is the series' title character and protagonist. He is a yellow sea sponge who physically resembles an artifical, rectangular, kitchen-type cleaning sponge; he wears brown short-pants, a white shirt and a red tie. He lives in a pineapple house and is employed as a fry cook at a fast-food restaurant called the The Krusty Krab, where many stories take place; he takes pride in his work and seems to worship or venerate the Krabby Patty. SpongeBob's hobbies include practicing karate with Sandy, as well as jellyfishing and blowing bubbles with Patrick. He attends Mrs. Puff's Boating School but has never passed; his lack of a driver's license is a running gag throughout the series. It is implied that, although he has no experience, he has talent in the arts. Green and purple were early color choices for the character before yellow was chosen. He is weak and fragile, shown in MuscleBob BuffPants when he can't lift a glass of tea, and he claims to be "pumping iron" with his plush toys. His first appearance was in "Help Wanted".[4] Candace Flynn, (voiced by Ashley Tisdale) is Phineas's fifteen-year-old older sister and Ferb's stepsister.[8] She first appeared in the pilot episode along with the other main characters who star in the A-Plot in which she is usually the main antagonist. Candace does not approve of the inventions her brothers create, and during each episode she attempts to help her brothers by picking up Ferb on her Ambulancycle. Her best friend is Mr. Grumpy; Candace also has an obvious crush on Jeremy Johnson, but she is oblivious to the fact he likes her back. She comes from a reconstituted family, featured in the show because the series' creators considered it underused in children's programming as well as Marsh's past experiences in one.[2] As a character, she has received a positive critical acclaim, having appeared in other media such as video games.[9][10] Mr. Grumpy kept his blue color, big blue nose and rectangle body. Though he wears a dark green crooked hat with a stripe instead of a light green top hat, he looks much more mature and so does his voice. He is a frequent victim of Mr. Tickle and is quite bitter about it, going so far as to invent the Tickle Protector to ward him off. He strongly dislikes Mr. Tickle and Mr. Scatterbrain, due to frequent incidents with them and is annoyed by happiness. His catchphrase: "Crooked cucumbers!". Like Mr. Small and Mr. Bump, his favorite food is liverwurst sandwiches, as mentioned in Beach and Construction. His favorite TV show is called "Trout Tuesday", which has been run at least once by Mr. Lazy. According to what he said in the episode Farm, he was raised in the country. In the episode Dance, he was writing his life story (and was continuously interrupted by Mr. Noisy's dance class upstairs), which he sold in Books. He also now lives in a small brown house with signs that say "Go Away" and have frowns on them in his front yard, and a vegetable garden with a peach orchard in his backyard (which Mr. Scatterbrain and Little Miss Whoops ruined). He is polite and civil to anyone he talks to, but is very vocal about his opinions and can be rather brusque at times. In the US and UK Versions, he is voiced by Sam Gold and Simon Greenall respectively.Tillie is a brown medium-sized teenage American otter who will later appear in the Noah Byrd movie (since she didn't appear in any episode), she wears a green neckerchief with orange polka dots and an oversized cowboy hat(in which Larry wore it and sang the first silly song"The Waterbuffalo Song" ("Where's God When I'm S-Scared?").) and in winter she wears a fuchsia scarf with purple stripes and pink snow hat and her friends are Peter the Panda, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Vixey, Grammy and Poppy, Maid Marian, and none other than Noah Byrd. Sweep is a grey, glove puppet dog with long black ears who joined The Sooty Show in 1957, as a friend to fellow puppet Sooty. His general dim witted behaviour and penchant for bones and sausages has made him an endearing, entertaining character that children still love to this day. Probably his most unusual characteristic is his method of communication. It consists of a loud high pitched squeak that gains its inflection from normal speech and its rhythm from the syllables in each word. The rest of the cast could understand Sweep perfectly, and would indirectly translate for the viewer. The original puppeteer (Harry Corbett's brother, Leslie) achieved the sound of Sweep's voice using a saxophone reed.

It is known that, unusually for a glove puppet, Sweep wore wellingtons as several of the more slapstick routines involved his getting upended, leaving his wellies flailing helplessly in the air.Mr. Lazy is the seventeenth book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves. Mr. Lazy is lazy, he lives in Sleepyland, where there are only four hours a day, as opposed to 24, and it takes two regular hours for water to boil and three regular hours for bread to toast. One day, Mr. Lazy sits down for a nap, and is awoken by Mr. Busy and Mr. Bustle. They overwork him, until Mr. Bustle blows a whistle, requiring Mr. Lazy to run as fast as he can. Mr. Lazy runs, but his legs don't get him anywhere because he is sitting on a chair in the garden. He wakes up to realize it was all a dream, and the whistle was the kettle boiling in the kitchen. He sits down to have breakfast, and he goes to sleep yet again. In the 2008 TV series The Mr. Men Show, he is more "lazy" rather than "sleepy" as he was in the books and hates work. His color is changed from pink to green, his shape changes into a more angular, slouched over shape and his hat changes into a red(also appears pink) newsboy-style cap that covers his eyes. He also wears socks and flip flops. He lives in a camper-style trailer, with the garbage cans and mailbox overfilled with trash and mail, respectively. In the US and UK Versions, he is voiced by Phil Lollar and Tim Whitnall respectively. Mr. Lazy appears under the titles Monsieur Endormi (French), Don Vago (Spanish), Unser Herr Faulpelz (German), Meneer Luilak (Dutch), 懶惰先生 (Taiwan), 게을러씨 (Korean), Ο Κύριος Τεμπέλης (Greek), Faetter Slov (Danish), Herra Latur (Icelandic) and Senhor Preguiçoso (Portuguese).

Secondary Characters

Rocky Robinson is covered in fuzzy orange fur that is not easily pulled off. He has a striped nose and wears a black t-shirt, pants, but no shoes. Rocky is animated in CGI, but is designed to move like and resemble a Muppet. He's a good friend to pretty much all the kids and loves to hang out with them, especially Gumball. Rocky is also not very bright, much to the shame of his parents, who also aren't very pleased about his career choices either. Rocky's also not very good with women, much to his dismay. He presents his father's performance at the senior talent show and shows him support while he's singing.Diesel believes that Steamies are no match for Diesels. Oily, scheming and ever ready to stir up trouble in the shed, Diesel's characteristic smirk is a sure sign that some Steamie, somewhere is in for a bit of trouble. However, given a chance, Diesel wants to show that he's a Really Useful Engine too!

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