1 V-01 September 23, 1962 "Rosey the Robot" The Jetsons take Rosey the robot maid into their home, just in time to wreak havoc with a visiting Mr. Spacely. 2 V-02 September 30, 1962 "A Date with Jet Screamer" Despite George's best efforts, (including substituting Elroy's secret code for her contest entry song) Judy wins a date with Ricky Nelson-esque pop idol Jet Screamer who sings Judy's contest entry song (actually the secret code), "Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah-ah!" (originally voiced by Howard Morris and later performed by The Dickies and the Violent Femmes) which, despite its meaning in the song as "I love you", actually means "meet me tonight".[1] 3 V-03 October 7, 1962 "Jetson's Nite Out" When Spacely tells George that he has an extra ticket for a championship robot football game, they run into mishap after mishap when Mrs. Spacely believes her husband's lie about his employee Jetson being ill. 4 V-04 October 14, 1962 "The Space Car" George and Jane are mistaken for bank robbers when their car is switched with that of gangster Knuckles Nuclear. 5 V-05 October 21, 1962 "The Coming of Astro" The Jetsons adopt Astro, who must compete with an electronic counterpart named 'Lectronimo for a place in the home. 6 V-06 October 28, 1962 "The Good Little Scouts" George reluctantly takes Elroy's scout troop on a trip to the moon—and promptly gets lost. R.U.D.I.'s only 1960s appearance. 7 V-07 November 4, 1962 "The Flying Suit" The rivalry between Spacely Sprockets and Cogswell Cogs comes to a head with the invention of a suit that can fly. 8 V-08 November 11, 1962 "Rosey's Boyfriend" Rosey finds a beau in Henry Orbit's mechanical assistant, named Mac. 9 V-09 November 18, 1962 "Elroy's TV Show" First George and then Mr. Spacely become over-enthusiastic stage parents for their sons when Elroy lands his own TV show—entitled "Spaceboy Zoom and His Dog, Astro". 10 V-10 November 25, 1962 "Uniblab" George is fuming at having to work under electronic "yes man" Uniblab. 11 V-12 December 2, 1962 "A Visit from Grandpa" George's feisty grandfather—110-year-old Montague Jetson—is embroiled in a paternity scandal. 12 V-11 December 9, 1962 "Astro's Top Secret" Astro is given the third degree when Cogswell suspects him to be party to a new Spacely Sprockets invention after he swallows Elroy's flying toy car. 13 V-13 December 16, 1962 "Las Venus" On his second honeymoon, George divides his time between taking Jane out and wooing a potential client of Spacely Sprockets, who turns out to be a woman named Gigi Galaxy. George is so dumbfounded by her looks that he introduces himself as, "George Sprocket of Spacely Jetsons". Ultimately, George succeeds in winning a big contract for his company and is promoted to Vice President (one of many times) by Mr. Spacely. 14 V-14 December 23, 1962 "Elroy's Pal" Elroy is enamored of TV superhero Nimbus the Great, who may not be as great as he seems. 15 V-15 December 30, 1962 "Test Pilot" A mishap at the doctor's office has George believing he is about to die, so he volunteers for hazard duty, testing an "indestructible" jacket. 16 V-16 January 6, 1963 "Millionaire Astro" Astro, née "Tralfaz," is caught in a custody battle between the Jetsons and millionaire J.P. Gottrockets. 17 V-17 January 13, 1963 "The Little Man" During a test-run of Spacely's new invention, called the MiniVac, George is shrunk down to six inches high, but cannot enlarge himself, due to a malfunction in the machine's enlarging program. The next day, Mr. Spacely sends George to steal a cog from Cogswell Cogs so George can re-enlarge himself. 18 V-18 January 20, 1963 "Jane's Driving Lesson" Jane wants to take driving lessons while egging George into buying a second car, and unwittingly (and unknowingly) becomes Knuckles Nuclear's moll. 19 V-19 January 27, 1963 "G.I. Jetson" George, Henry Orbit, and Mr. Spacely are drafted into a two-week stint in the U.S. Space Guard; George finds himself under the command of his mortal enemy "Sgt." Uniblab!

Notes: US army says for contributed at the White House and send to talk with President Gerard Stephemartian at this Report (Kindly in Season 2 relase in 1985.) 20 V-20 February 3, 1963 "Miss Solar System" Jane enters a beauty pageant to prove to her husband that she is just as beautiful as Gina Lolajupiter (take on Gina Lolabrigida). 21 V-21 February 10, 1963 "Private Property" When a new Cogswell Cogs office opens next door to Spacely Sprockets, George is put in charge of the property dispute, only to discover Spacely Sprockets is on Cogswell's property. Later retitled "No Space for Sprockets". 22 V-22 February 17, 1963 "Dude Planet" Burnt out on housework, Jane takes a retreat at a futuristic dude ranch. (Note: Astro didn't appear in this episode, however he was replaced by an unnamed cat.) 23 V-23 February 24, 1963 "TV or Not TV" When George and Astro witness the shooting of a crime TV show called "The Naked Planet" (take on The Naked City), they think they've witnessed a real robbery and go into hiding to keep from being shot for knowing too much. 24 V-24 March 3, 1963 "Elroy's Mob" Elroy accidentally gets a report card mix-up and gets 4 D's, an F, and an "H", so when his dad punishes him, he and Astro run away and join a mob run by Muggsy Megaton. Note: This episode featured a sort-of crossover with The Flintstones; A boy in Elroy's class—Kenny Countdown—has a TV Wristwatch which is showing part of a Flintstones episode, before it is confiscated by Ms. Brainmocker, the class teacher. [edit] Season 2 (1985)

        • For the 1980s incarnation of the show, new characters were introduced, including Orbitty (the Jetson family's alien pet), Spacely's inventive brother Orwell and George's work computer, R.U.D.I. (the "Referential Universal Digital Indexer," who appeared in one of the original 1960s episodes).
        • The opening credits featured a rerecorded version the Jetsons theme song, which features the use of synthesized drums to create percussion typical of 1980s music.
        • The closing credits are static picture captions (like most of Hanna-Barbera's shows of the time). This format replaced the original credit sequence described above when the 1960s episodes were rebroadcast.
  1. Prod. Airdate Title Notes

25 September 16, 1985 "Elroy Meets Orbitty" During a school field trip to a remote asteroid, Elroy finds an odd pink rock, which turns out to be an egg that hatches into Orbitty, a spring-legged creature. 26 September 17, 1985 "Rosie Come Home" Due to a malfunction in her systems, Rosie believes that she is about to be replaced, so she runs off and is nearly crushed within a car destroyer, until the Jetsons are able to convince her that she is a part of the family. 27 September 18, 1985 "Solar Snoops" An unknown package delivered to Spacely Sprockets contains a robot sentry dog named "Sentro", and Spacely decides to use it to guard his "Chocolate Microchip Cookie". However, the "Galactic Sneak"—a spy for Cogswell Cogs—has pulled a Trojan-Horse–type move by hiding inside Sentro's body to infiltrate Spacely's plant. When he and Sentro steal the prototype Microchip Cookie, it's up to George Jetson—who discovers a want-ad in the news for an executive secretary for Cogswell Cogs—to become "Georgina Jetstream", infiltrate Cogswell Cogs, and get Spacely's cookie back. 28 September 19, 1985 "Judy's Birthday Surprise" Judy seems to think that nobody remembered her birthday, until one of the more unpopular kids shows her that she is indeed loved; and is shocked to discover that nobody said anything about her birthday, but was surprised when everyone, including Mr. Spacely, throws her one of the best surprise parties ever. 29 September 20, 1985 "SuperGeorge" The Jetsons buy a Thinko machine that breaks out a wish giving George superpowers for a day. OTHER WISHES: Jane and George's wish that they can be served, Judy's wish that she can be a winner of the Teen Star of the Year awards, Elroy's wish was never displayed and Astro's wish that dogs (including him) would acting like humans and humans would act like dogs. 30 September 23, 1985 "Family Fallout" After some chicanery by Mr. Spacely, The Jetsons appear on a game show called "Family Fallout"(based on Family Feud) , facing off against... you guessed it—the Spacelys. In the end, the Jetsons win a new Foodarackacycle (which they needed since their old one was near broken), while Mr. Spacely, to his shock and dismay, receive a lifetime supply of Cogswells Cogs! 31 September 24, 1985 "Instant Replay" An elderly man on the bus home offers George a better life with a special invention called "Replayola", but when George erases his wedding day with Jane, he must make a choice to either keep his newfound wealth and power or forego it and regain his normal family life. 32 September 25, 1985 "Fugitive Fleas" A rock band of fleas take refuge on Astro to escape the tyrannical Solarini's flea circus. 33 September 26, 1985 "S.M.A.S.H." Jane can drive, and accidentally crashes Mr. Spacely's car that she borrowed, which causes him to gleefully take it out on George, making him a virtual slave and groveler, until it was discovered that a piece of silverware from his own collection, was caught in the accelerator. This absolves the Jetsons, and then the tables are turned and a furious and humiliated Spacely becomes the unwilling servant of George.

Note: "the other my accident stolen the car of Mr. Spacely hasn't final mission.", says our lifetime to Jay Pluto he unusual tell the show us. 34 September 30, 1985 "One Strike, You're Out" When Spacely discovers that his rival Cogswell has won the "Tycoon of the Day" Award, he goes all out to beat him, forcing all his employees to work a "Triple-Shift". After 24 hours of work and severe hounding by Spacely, George accidentally convinces the human employees of Spacely Sprockets to strike. Meanwhile, George is faced with his own problems when he destroys Elroy's athlete robot, "Jocko", and then tries to impress his son by portraying the robot himself. 35 October 1, 1985 "Mother's Day for Rosie" It's Mother's Day in Orbit City, but Rosie is in no mood for celebrating, as it reminds her of her own deactivated mother. But George is determined to find the blueprints of the "XB-400" (predecessor of the XB-500, Rosie's model number) and give Rosie back her happiness. 36 October 2, 1985 "S'No Relative" George and Jane's nephew, Hunky Moonrock, is scheduled to visit Earth, but when a research team loses an inhabitant from the planet Polaris, everything is turned upside down when that alien is thawed out right at the Jetsons' back door. 37 October 3, 1985 "Dance Time" Jane convinces George to take dancing lessons so he won't embarrass Judy at her housewarming party, but his uncoordinated moves lead a mechanic to offer him some help with Automatic Dancing Shoes. 38 October 7, 1985 "Judy Takes Off" When Judy is offered a chance to get away from her family and visit her cousin Melissa, she is at first reluctant, but thinks differently when she sees how much her cousin has changed, leading George to inadvertently assume the role of "Space Ace" to spy on his daughter to keep her out of trouble. Meanwhile, Jane and Mrs. Spacely both vie for the "Woman of the Year" Award. 39 October 9, 1985 "Winner Takes All" George is duped into an Olympic-themed showdown with Cogswell Cogs, but when Cogswell pulls a twin-brother substitution, can George come out on top when he doesn't know who's who? 40 October 11, 1985 "The Mirrormorph" The Jetsons contend with a transmuting alien called the Mirrormorph, who can become an exact duplicate of that person, but remains mute. 41 October 14, 1985 "The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane" George forgets his and Jane's wedding anniversary, and the twosome reminisce about how they fell in love. Later on, the couple find out that the minister that married them was a fraud, so they must set things right and renew their vows in Las Venus. George realizes that it will be difficult when Spacely and Jane's ex-boyfriend are also present in Las Venus. After the successful wedding, Spacely catches George and almost fires him, but Jane convinces Spacely to change his mind by telling him that she didn't see Mrs. Spacely. 42 October 15, 1985 "High Moon" George is fed up with his son Elroy's fixation with a television star named Roger Mars, so he decides to take the family on a road trip to rediscover the roots of the Old West. 43 October 17, 1985 "Hi-Tech Wreck" When R.U.D.I. malfunctions one time too many, Spacely orders George to relocate his family to "Outer Moongolia"—but is forced to eat crow when R.U.D.I. threatens to destroy his factory. 44 October 18, 1985 "Little Bundle of Trouble" The Jetsons take in an abandoned baby they found on their doorstep, but are surprised when this "baby" turns out to be a dwarf of a jewel thief in disguise. 45 October 22, 1985 "Elroy in Wonderland" A take on both "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Wizard of Oz". When Elroy and Astro are forced to be separated while on vacation at Club Mellowstar, they wind up in a dream world where antique robots resembling our modern-day appliances are at war with each other. 46 October 23, 1985 "The Swiss Family Jetson" When George is laid off by Spacely for six months, the family convinces him to live off the land on Planet Paradisio—but get the shock of their lives when a redevelopment company turns their quaint little paradise into condo estates. 47 October 24, 1985 "Rip-Off Rosie" George is hailed a hero when he repairs a malfunctioning shipping robot, but when Rosie starts to malfunction afterwards and steal everything she can find, the Jetsons must reprogram her "Jekyll-and-Hyde" personality. 48 October 28, 1985 "Fantasy Planet" Parody of Fantasy Island.

With all the problems the Jetson family have, they decide to take a trip to Fantasy Planet. The host—named Mr. Rocket (played by Sonny Melendrez and a take on "Mr. Roarke" from Fantasy Island)—has each family member in capsules to live out their fantasies. GEORGE: Boss of Jetson's Sprockets! JANE: Queen of an asteroid where she does absolutely nothing JUDY: World-renowned pop star ELROY and ASTRO: Superhero team After realizing their fantasies aren't really what they were looking for, they use a special "stop watch" that can end their fantasies. 49 October 30, 1985 "Space Bong" George discovers his exact doppelganger—a take on James Bond—when he is kidnapped by enemy spies. 50 October 31, 1985 "Haunted Halloween" The curator of a museum takes a special interest in Orbitty wanting to make him his special project in time for Halloween. Will the Jetsons lose their pet alien to the curator's scheme? 51 November 1, 1985 "Astro's Big Moment" Mr. Spacely assigns George to be the judge for the annual Spacely Space Sprockets Space Dog Show. But this leads to a very stressful situation for him as his family wants him to make Astro the winner, as well as the boss wanting him to insure his wife's poodle comes out on top, and even a mobster named Mangler Mars gets into the act by making George choose his mutt, Starbite, as the top dog. What choice will George make? In the end, Spacely's dog flees; Starbite was discovered to be stolen and the mobsters were arrested; and Astro wins, with a stray dog winning the Dog food that was also awarded. 52 November 4, 1985 "Jetson's Millions" Spacely offers George a raffle book for the Venutian Sweepstakes, but Mrs. Spacely is offended when George actually wins the grand prize of 10,000,000 Venuties. 53 November 5, 1985 "The Wrong Stuff" After winning a school science contest, Elroy is invited with the family to view a space shuttle launch. But he gets more than he bargains for when he and Astro get aboard the shuttle and get launched into deep space. They're able to return to Earth, but are significantly changed in terms of age. 54 November 7, 1985 "The Vacation" When Jane wins a family weekend trip on "The Love Rocket", she and George find that their vacation isn't all it's cracked up to be, as they must both deal with old flames from their high-school days. 55 November 11, 1985 "Team Spirit" The Spacely Sprockets and the Cogswell Cogs are at war on the robot baseball field, and George is the star pitcher for Spacely's team. But when Cogswell tips the scales in his favor, will Jetson have enough energy to last the final inning? 56 November 12, 1985 "Future Tense" When Jane tries on glasses she bought from Planet Bevdayo, she gains the power of clairvoyance. 57 November 13, 1985 "Far-Out Father" Elroy must make a Father's Day Video for his school class, but Astro's fixation with the poodle next door causes more problems than either Elroy or George can handle. 58 November 15, 1985 "Dog Daze Afternoon" George and Jane accompany Mr. Spacely to a business convention where they hope to show off the company's latest invention, the EXIT (EXecutive Instant Transporter). Meanwhile, Judy is in charge of the household as Elroy tests his own invention, a Dog Trainer, in hopes of earning money helping the neighborhood dogs to better behave themselves. But a mix-up of program discs causes near disastrous results on both sides that could lead to George's firing and Elroy having to look for all the missing dogs. 59 November 19, 1985 "Grandpa and the Galactic Goldigger" Grandpa Montague Jetson returns and falls in love with a young teenager named Nova Neutron, unknown to him that her boyfriend—Tyco—has mistaken him for Mr. Spacely and plans to rob him blind. 60 November 20, 1985 "Robot's Revenge" After an incompetent robot named Ralph is fired from his 32nd job, he decides to take his revenge out on the person who caused his termination—George Jetson. 61 November 22, 1985 "To Tell the Truth" George convinces Elroy to tell his mother the truth about what happened to her favorite pitcher, but when Bubbles Blast-Off, a guest at Spacely's plant, must leave on the red-eye back to her planet, George ends up being stranded with her on an asteroid. Will he follow his own example and tell the truth to Jane about why he never came home until morning? 62 November 25, 1985 "Boy George" When Spacely convinces George that he's too old to represent Spacely Sprockets, he tries a quick fix to become younger—with disastrous results. 63 November 27, 1985 "Judy's Elopement" Spacely hires his nephew Sam to be George's new supervisor, but Sam has his own plans: to elope with Cogswell's daughter Asteroid. However, mixed messages from Rosie convince George that Judy is eloping with Sam. 64 November 28, 1985 "The Century's Best" The Space-Time Capsule Contest is underway, but only one story entry per entry form will be accepted. An unlikely ally emerges to help them, and the Jetsons are declared number-one as "Future Family of the Year". 65 December 13, 1985 "A Jetson Christmas Carol" Based on Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol".

Spacely orders Jetson to work overtime on Christmas Eve, while Astro causes himself to become sick. Will the three Christmas Spirits convince Spacely that Christmas is a time for giving? [edit] Season 3 (1987)

  1. Prod. Airdate Title Notes

66 October 19, 1987 "Crime Games" A malfunction of the TeleViewer causes Elroy to discover a robbery plot by "The Gripfather" (a take on "The Godfather"), and George ends up trapped in the middle of it. 67 October 21, 1987 "ASTROnomical I.Q." Elroy invents a machine that can accelerate evolution, and Astro is turned into a super-genius. (Special guest voice: Game show host Wink Martindale voices "Wink Martiandale") 68 October 23, 1987 "9 to 5 to 9" When Judy's latest crush, Rocky Retro, falls for Marsha VanMarsdale's new car, Judy is determined to earn enough money to pay for her own car—even if it means she has to work around the clock. 69 October 27, 1987 "Invisibly Yours, George" Several mishaps with Spacely's new "Spot Remover" cause George to become invisible. 70 October 29, 1987 "Father/Daughter Dance" Judy does not want to be embarrassed at this year's Father/Daughter Dance, so George makes arrangements with Grandpa Jetson to replace him as Judy's partner. 71 November 2, 1987 "Clean as a Hound's Tooth" George discovers that he has become stressed out lately due to his teeth, so his dentist creates special false teeth to relax him—but end up stressing him out even more. 72 November 4, 1987 "Wedding Bells for Rosie" When Mac is marked for permanent deactivation, George discovers that Henry's robot must marry another with an updated BEBOP or be recycled. 73 November 6, 1987 "The Odd Pod" Jane buys an alien plant meant for an exotic plant contest, but it wreaks havoc on the apartment. Meanwhile, George tries to perfect his Barbershop Quartet performance. 74 November 10, 1987 "Two Many Georges" George is convinced by Orwell, Spacely's nephew, to clone himself and improve his traits. But this new-and-improved George leads the original into believing that his family doesn't need him anymore. 75 November 12, 1987 "Spacely for a Day" Spacely convinces all his employees to take an aptitude test and makes sure George scores the lowest. But when Elroy alters his dad's score to be higher than everyone else's, George is given charge of Spacely's plant for the day when his boss is forced to take an impromptu vacation.