This is a list of episodes of The Tom & Jerry Show.

  1. No Way, Stowaways / The Ski Bunny / Stay Awake or Else…
  2. No Bones About It / An Ill Wind / Beach Bully
  3. Mammoth Manhunt / The Wacky World of Sports / Robin Ho-Ho
  4. Safe but Not Sorry / Gopher Broke / The Super Bowler
  5. Tricky McTrout / The Tennis Menace / Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse
  6. Castle Wiz / Grin and Bear It / The Flying Sorceress
  7. The Kitten Sitters / Termites Plus Two / Planet Pest
  8. The Hypochondriac Lion / Give 'Em the Air / The Egg and Tom and Jerry
  9. Watch Out, Watch Dog / The Super Cyclists / The Police Kitten
  10. The Outfoxed Fox / Towering Fiasco / The Lost Duckling
  11. Beanstalk Buddies / Two Stars Are Born / Son of Gopher Broke
  12. The Sorcerer's Apprentices / Hold That Pose / The Super Cape Caper
  13. Chickenrella / Double Trouble Crow / Jerry's Nephew
  14. See Dr. Jackal and Hyde! / Planet of the Dogs / The Campout Cutup
  15. Triple Trouble / The Bull Fighters / Cruise Kitty
  16. It's No Picnic / Big Feet / The Great Motorboat Race

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