Marvin White is a character in the first season of Super Friends. An amateur detective who once wrestled Superman, he is continually pretending to be a superhero.


Marvin White has auburn hair, and his eye color is unspecified. He wears brown pants, white tennis shoes and a long-sleeved white shirt with a capital "M" on the front. He and his pet, Wonder Dog, wear green capes.

Marvin was the son of Diana Prince White, the nurse whose name Wonder Woman took when she came to Man's World, and Daniel White.

In 1977, after several years as a Junior SuperFriends Member, Marvin went on to Ivy University, where fellow superhero Ray Palmer worked as a professor.

A few years later, he returned with Wendy Harris to aid the new Junior SuperFriends, the Wonder Twins, posing as Zan's and Jayna's human disguises, "John" and "Joanna", to fool a criminal who had deduced the Wonder Twins' and Batman's secret identities.

In his later years, Marvin's superhero days are apparently far behind him. As he now began to put on some pounds, he grew a goatee and joined a band with Wendy, and signed on to a major record label. Marvin doesn't envy the Wonder Twins of their fame in the Justice League of America, and he considers his departure from the Superfriends as a blessing, because now he can focus on his musical career with his band.

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