Richie Rich Image - Mayda

Mayda Munny is a character in the Richie Rich comic book series once published by Harvey Comics, and in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. Like Reggie Van Dough, she is a snobbish person who always tries to cause trouble. Her name is actually a play on the phrase "made of money." She acts as a siren, and is repeatedly jealous of Richie's girlfriend, Gloria Glad. Mayda hates Gloria so much that she tries constantly to break up Richie and Gloria, but fails every time.

Mayda's voice is believed to have been supplied by Janet Waldo, whose voice sounds similar to Hogatha the witch on The Smurfs, minus the snorting.

Mayda appeared in only two animated segments: a Riches segment in 1982, and a Zillion Dollar Adventures segment in 1983.

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