Michael Sheehan (born circa 1950) is an American actor. He was the voice of Bamm-Bamm Rubble on The Flintstone Comedy Show (1980).


After coming to Hollywood in 1971, Sheehan found an apartment near Hanna-Barbera Studios, and after seven long years he earned his SAG card. His first job at H-B was in a cartoon series called Fred and Barney Meet the Thing. Subsequently, he joined well-known agent Don Pitts and was successful in landing roles in several cartoon series with H-B and Marvel Productions, as well as Sunbow, and did hundreds of guest appearances for many Saturday morning cartoon series.

Sheehan has also been seen in dozens of commercials and has done voices for commercials on radio and television. He is an accomplished artist and videographer as well as a published journalist. He writes poetry and loves to play the mountain dulcimer.

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