Mildew Wolf is a character from It's the Wolf, voiced by an uncredited Paul Lynde. In every short, Mildew used a variety of disguises in hope of capturing and eating Lambsy Divey. Invariably, Lambsy would foil him by shouting, "It's the wolf!" Bristle Hound would come to the rescue, hooking Mildew with his shepherd's staff and throwing him over the horizon, usually muttering some epithet as a parting shot.

In 1977, Mildew returned to ABC, joining Snagglepuss as a commentator on Scooby's All-Star Laff-a-Lympics. Here, Mildew was voiced by John Stephenson.

Examples of Mildew's epithets

"Spoilsport!" was perhaps the most common of Mildew's epithets as Bristlehound flung him skyward; however, a few other interesting such are worth sharing to illustrate the variety of insults Mildew T. had up his sleeve:

  • "Ingrate!"
  • "Bow-wow buttinski!"
  • "Party-pooper!"
  • "Wolf-hater!"
  • "Muscle Beach brute!"
  • "Sheep lover!"
  • "Roundhouse roustabout!"

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