Bad Woman

Miss Parfait

Miss Parfait is the villain in "Cavey's Fashion Fiasco", the seventh episode of the second season of Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels.


Miss Parfait wanted to start a design company of her own and she needed the dress designs to do it.When the store manager asked the Teen Angels where the models were, Dee Dee Skyes told him there never were any models, and Miss Parfait used fishing lines and hooks to operate three lifelike mannequins from the mezzanine above the stage and Miss Parfait hid the mannquins in an elevator to come back for the dresses later.

She dressed up as a mannequin to scare the Teen Angels and Cavey away, but failed thanks to Captain Caveman.

The clues that led to Miss Parfait:

  1. A fishing hook on the curtain.
  2. A blond wig.
  3. Fishing line.
  4. Mannequins in the elevator.


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