Moby Dick the Orca (Killer whale)

Moby Dick is a whale character on Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor. Unlike his literary namesake, this Moby Dick was friendly to humans.


Moby Dick befriended two young boys, Tom and Tub, whom he rescued from carnivorous sharks. The whale accompanied the boys and their pet seal, Scooby, on undersea adventures.


  1. The Sinister Sea Saucer
  2. The Electrifying Shoctopus
  3. The Crab Creatures
  4. The Sea Monster
  5. The Undersea World
  6. The Aqua-Bats
  7. The Iceberg Monster
  8. The Shark Men
  9. The Saucer Shells
  10. Moraya, the Eel Queen
  11. Toadus, Ruler of the Dead Ships
  12. The Cereb-Men
  13. The Vortex Trap
  14. The Sand Creatures
  15. The Sea Ark
  16. The Shimmering Screen
  17. Soodak the Invader
  18. The Iguana Men

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