Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor is one of several action cartoon series produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1967.

Moby Dick, unlike his literary namesake, was a very heroic white whale. He fought evil under the ocean with Tom and Tub, two teenage scuba divers whom he rescued from a seaquake, and a seal named Scooby (voiced by Don Messick).

The Mighty Mightor took place in a primitive world more resembling that of the Herculoids than the Flintstones' Bedrock. The teenage cave dweller Tor (Bobby Diamond) had a club that he received from an old hermit he rescued. When Tor raised his club to the sky, he became Mightor, a powerful superhero with curved horns on the sides of his cowl, and his pet flying dinosaur, Tog, became a fire-breathing dragon.

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