Moonscar Island

Moonscar Island

Moonscar Island is a location in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. It is an island in a Louisiana bayou.

Early history

A group of cat worshippers came to the island in 1798. The island gained its name after the infamous pirate Morgan Moonscar died there after he and his pirates drove the settlers into the bayou to be eaten by alligators. Moonscar and his crew were then cursed and killed by the two of the surviving settlers, who became cat creatures after praying to their cat god to get rid of the pirates.

In time, the island became home to a pepper plantation that flourished until the werecats cursed the planters. Sometime during the American Civil War, Confederate Col. Jackson T. Pettigrew and his 8th Louisiana Regiment were stationed on the island. Pettigrew and his troops, along with the Union troops, were then cursed by the werecats. For the next century, tourists and other people continued to disappear due to the cat creatures.

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