Morgan McReight

Morgan McReight

Morgan McReight, or better known as Morgan Moonscar, was a pirate captain who later returned as a zombie along with his crew and voiced by Jim Cummings.

Physical appearance: In life, McReight appeared as an old Caucasian male, with a long bushy white beard, tanned skin, and a brownish red pirate uniform with a matching hat and a rapier. He also had a moon shaped scar around his eye, giving his last name the nickname of Moonscar. As a zombie he is much thinner to point where he is mostly skin and bones, his clothes are tattered and his rapier is rusty in numerous places.

Personality: Nothing is explicitly stated about Morgan's personality, but he certainly seems to be a typical bloodthirsty pirate captain. He murdered an entire settlement to ensure they would not get (or talk about) his buried treasure.

However, after he was cursed to return to Moonscar Island as a zombie (or a spirit during the daytime) every harvest moon, Morgan Moonscar attempted to warn anyone visiting the island about Lena and Simone so that they didn't suffer the same fate, implying that he felt remorse for his actions that he committed in his lifetime.

Powers and abilities: As a ghost, Morgan Moonscar was capable of writing on the wall with his sword, which he used to warn people and warned mystery inc of Simone and Lena during the day.

History: Early life, In the 1700s, Moonscar attacked Simone Lenoir and Lena Dupree's settlement on an island. The only two survivors, the women cursed the pirates, became werecats and killed the pirates.

Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island: Moonscar came back as a zombie 200 years later to drive Mystery Inc. off the island to save them from Simone and Lenoir. After Lenoir died, his soul was released, along with those of the other zombies, allowing them to finally rest in peace in the afterlife.[1]

Appearances: DTV1. Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

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