Mm autocat

Motormouse' (voiced by Dick Curtis) is a chopper-riding and -building mouse at the Spin-Your-Wheels Garage who manages to outwit Autocat every time, not to mention having a rather charming Texas-accented voice epitomised by such highly-enunciated catchphrases of his as "Boy, howdee!" (as a greeting), "Chi-co-ree!" (to express amazement and surprise) and "Hey there, Aut-o-cat!" (addressing his nemesis when the two are in close proximity, as if Autocat was about to go for the proverbial kill).

His style of dress is a flame red sport jacket with white accent stripe, off-whie shorts, white helmet with red lightning accents and duster goggles; his chopper is a chartreuse green with three exhaust mufflers at the back.

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