Mr. Jinks

Mr. Jinks was a character on The Huckleberry Hound Show. He was the cat who constantly chased Pixie and Dixie, of whom he routinely said, "I hate meeces to pieces!"

Physical Appearance

Jinks is an orange cat sporting a blue-colored bow tie.


Pixie and Dixie - Though Jinks often chases Pixie and Dixie, he is shown to have a soft spot for them, evident in episodes such as "Strong Mouse", "The Pushy Cat" and "Mouse Nappers". In the episode "Jinks Jr." Jinks himself is shown to not fully understand why he chases them, only that "cats are supposed to hate meeces". Even so, Jinks doesn't usially mean them any real harm, such as in the episode "The Ghost With The Most" when Dixie pretends he is dead after Jinks clobbers him, and Jinks is shown to be very remorseful and guilty, even partially traumatized.

In return, Pixie and Dixie are also shown to care about Jinks deep down as well. Pixie and Dixie mostly have a love-hate relationship with Jinks, where they can both be equally cruel to each other and will retaliate when provoked.



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