Nurse Jenny is a character in the Richie Rich series of comic books and in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. She serves as the mansion's private nurse, hired by the Rich family, and does come to aid whenever Richie is in need of medical help. She was originally Richie's nanny when he was a baby. In the comic book series, she also did her nursing practice on unusual items such as plants and even sea creatures.

Jenny only had one appearance in the cartoon series, in addition to only one voice role - albeit very brief - in a Richie Rich Gems segment where Richie was showing his pet whale to Gloria Glad in the mansion. When the whale bumped its head, Richie sent a summons to Jenny for help, and she drove a mini ambulance through the hallway, and gave the whale a mammoth-sized band-aid. The voice actress who played Nurse Jenny is unknown.

In her earlier comic book appearances, Jenny appeared to be slim, but by the mid-1970s, she had gained weight, the latter of which is the version most average readers are familiar with.

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