Once Upon A Forest is a 1993 animated movie directed by Charles Grovenser.

Plot:the furlings and the teacher were on a field trip and until then the poison gas came here and their friend Michelle go ill. The furlings must save Michelle before the moon is full or it will be to late to save her!The furlings had found two herbs after their journey is over. the Furlings healed Michelle and she was all better!

Cast Michael Crawford-Cornelius Ellen Balin-Abigail Benji gregory-Edgar Paige Gosney-russel Ben Vereen-phineas Will Estes Nipper-Willy Charlie Alder-Waggs Elizabeth Moss-Michelle Frank Welker-Richard the owl.

list of characters

Cornelius the Badger

Cornelius is the Furlings's teacher of the film. A long time ago when he was a Furling he lived far away in a place called Willow Brook. During their bedtime story when they heard the sound of humans coming to move them out. There was nothing he could do for his parents. Cornelius is voiced by Michael Crawford.

Abigail the Woodmouse

Abigail is the main protagonist of the film. At the beginning she was seen sitting on top of the tree when her father was searching for her. In their quest Abigail used her courage to scare Richard the owl with her magnifying glass. She has a crush on Willy and no romance developed. In the post credits scene she was with Willy kissing him.She is voiced by Ellen Blain.

Edgar the Mole

Edgar is the deurtagonist of the film. Edgar was with his mom getting his scarf from his mom. Edgar sometimes forgets his goodbye kiss. Edgar is a brave one. During the journey he saved Abigail from falling from the Flap-a Wing-Ma-Thing. At the end he gets rescued by the human worker from the cage. Edgar is voiced by Benji Gregory.

Russel the Hedgehog

Russel is the triagonist of the film. He didn't get a chance for breakfast and his mom called him Roland by mistake and he corrected his real name. Russel has a hunger for adventure. On their quest Russel was seen stuck in the sewer and his friends pulled him down. At the end he gets reunited with his brothers and sisters.Russel is voiced by Paige Gosney.


Michelle is Cornelius niece of the film. At the beginning she was ringing the school bell. She gets a little curious about everything. She had breathd the toxic fumes by mistake. At the end she was all better. She gets a bit sad of her parents not coming back.Michelle is voiced by Elizabeth Moss.

Phineas the Wren Phineas is the supporting protagonist. A long time his marshes were drained by the yellow dragons. Phineas was worried about his nephew Bosworth. At the end he thanked the furlings for saving Bosworth. he is played by Ben Vereen.

Willy the woodmouse

Willy is Abigail's love interest of the film. After their acorn fight Willy haven't seen a girl mouse so pretty. In the post credits scene he was with Abigial kissing under the tree. Willy is voiced by Will Estes Nipper

Waggs the Bully Squirrel

Waggs is the main antagonist of the film. He appears in less parts of the film. he is very mean to Abigail and his friends. He has a prejudice against species. In another post credit scene he was grounded inside a tree. Waggs is voiced Charlie Alder.

Richard the owl

Richard is the secondary antagonist of the film. Richard's face was covered in scars with one dead eye. Richard tried to stop the furlings but, they defeated him.

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