One of our Aircraft Carriers is Missing is the second Zillion Dollar Adventures segment in the Richie Rich cartoon series, originally aired as part of The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show on ABC on November 15, 1980.

Voice Cast


At the start of the segment, Richie and Gloria were in a rowboat, about to go scuba diving underwater searching for sunken treasure.


  • This is the first episode with Gloria wearing a bikini. She would also be seen wearing one in "A Younger Irona", "The Haunting of Castle Rich", "Giant Pearl" and "The Snowman Cometh".
  • When Richie and Gloria were asking Professor Keenbean for useful inventions to help find the missing aircraft carriers, Dollar accidentally discovered a special pen that sprays an invisibility formula. Keenbean then makes his head invisible, but mentioned the effects only last one hour. In the segment "Villains, Inc.", Richie coats himself with Keenbean's invisible paint in an attempt to thwart an act of organized crime.
  • This is one of five segments in the series that contain underwater scenes. Such scenes were also seen in "Mischief Movie" and "The Money Talks" in Season 2, "The Collector" in Season 3 (only to show a closeup of jet propellers attached to Richie's shoes), and "Whale of a Tale" in Season 4.
  • When Richie, Gloria and Dollar were held in a glass chamber underwater in shark-infested waters, after Richie cut open the glass chamber using one of Keenbean's inventions, Richie was still talking despite the fact that water was filling the glass chamber. This is impossible to do in real life.

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