• First aired: December 4, 1982
  • Story by: Unrevealed
  • Duration: 30 seconds



Alfalfa is seen pushing Spanky on a swing. Out of nowhere, Darla comes in and reminds Alfalfa of their date. As Alfalfa and Darla head off, Spanky is caught up in the swing, with nobody there to free him.


  • This is the last of three 30-second skits that featured Darla. The others are "The Serenade" and "Do or Diet".
  • In this skit, "Out on a Limb" does apply in two ways: The swing is hanging from a tree limb, and the phrase refers to Darla spontaneously coming in to remind Alfalfa about their date.
  • As of this skit, all new 30-second skits will feature different background music.

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