Grey Fox's henchmen

Two Owlmen appear in "Watch Out! The Willawaw", an episode of The Scooby-Doo Show. They were revealed to be henchmen of Grey Fox.

Physical appearance

As their name implies, the Owlmen appeared as large humanoid owls with mostly brown feathers. Their heads, fingers and talons were red. Their eyes were gleaming yellow, like those of the Willawaw.


The Owlmen were trying to cover up the kidnapping of Velma Dinkley's uncle, Dave Walton.

They terrorized a local forest while the gang looked for Velma's Uncle Dave, whom they had kidnapped after he discovered the operation. They were also scaring people away from their smuggling operation with a giant owl-like monster called the Willawaw, which was operated by their boss, Grey Fox. They were then captured by Red Herron, along with Grey Fox, to be taken to the council of elders for punishment.

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