Paul Frees (born Solomon Hersh Frees, June 22, 1920–November 2, 1986) was a prolific American actor, composer, songwriter, author and voice actor. His roles for Hanna-Barbera included:

In The Man Called Flintstone, Frees portrayed Bobo, the Green Goose, Mario, Triple X and Rock Slag [the agent who resembles Fred Flintstone].


Frees got his start in radio, doing character voices for dramas and comedies. He was often summoned in the 1950s and '60s to re-record the dialogue of other actors, often to correct for foreign accents, complete lack of English proficiency or poor line readings by non-professionals. These dubs extended from a single line to entire roles. It was common for voice artists, such as Frees, to do multiple roles when dubbing foreign-language films into English. Frees also often did multiple roles when replacing the dialogue (looping) in Hollywood films.

As a songwriter, Frees joined ASCAP in 1956, and his chief musical collaborators included Tony Romano, Ruby Raksin, Walter Gross and Ed Brandt. His popular song compositions include "Hollywood Soliloquy", "The Clown", "Drowning My Sorrow" and "Voice in the Wind".

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