Pete's Big Break
  • First aired: November 19, 1983
  • Story by: Unknown
  • Duration: 11 minutes



The boys were trying to rehearse a musical act with Alfalfa doing his off-key rendition of the folk song "My Bonnie". Spanky was annoyed at Pete, and told Pete to go away. Pete tried to chase a ball toward a bridge. A puppy was at the edge of the bridge over a rushing river, and she fell into the river. Pete saved her with his bone in his mouth. An African-American girl and her father congratulated Pete, who ended up appearing on the front page of the local newspaper. The gang were proud of Pete, and the owner of the puppy offered the Rascals a reward - an appearance in a dog food commercial.

The next day, the Rascals devoted many hours to rehearsing, and were ready for their television appearance. Unfortunately, Pete had eaten too much dog food, and they were doomed. Then when they arrive to the studio, they found a costume that resembled Pete, and made Alfalfa wear it. Alfalfa was reluctant to wear the costume because he assumed he would have to eat dog food. Spanky decided to take a can of chili, take its label off and replace it with one for Castle Dog Food.

Alfalfa took on the role as the dog, but Porky took a can of dog food from a stack of cans, and the stack fell over, and the Rascals had to find the can of chili. As time ran out and taping began, Darla brought in a serving of the food to Alfalfa, and he refused to eat it, unaware of Porky's mishap. Alfalfa felt he had no choice other than to eat the food, but discovered it was real dog food and not chili. The puppy had chased Alfalfa as if something fishy was going on, and ended up crashing into a stack of dog food cans.

The producer was relieved when the taping had finished, and then scolded the gang, informing them that their behavior was very unprofessional. But his daughter told him the commercial was very funny, resulting in the producer having a second thought and offering the gang a month's supply of dog food.


  • The television studio was called QRS-TV.
  • Alfalfa normally alters the lyrics to popular folk songs, but at the start of this episode, he does actually sing the official version of "My Bonnie".
  • When the Rascals were rehearsing for the commercial, Darla was seen wearing a blond wig.
  • When the taping of the commercial was under way, Darla was seen wearing a queen costume with a tiara. She also wore a tiara in "Darla's Dream Dance".

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