Phan Tone is a ghostly, musical-themed member of the Justice Friends.


Phan Tone appears to have yellow skin and red eyes with no pupils, however this may only be a mask. He wears a gray cowl, a gray bodysuit with a purple musical eighth note on the chest, a green glove on his right hand, an orange glove on his left hand, a blue boot on his right foot, a red boot on his left foot, and a white cape.


Phan Tone is never heard speaking or doing much of anything for that matter. His only existing piece of dialogue was a brief "What...?" in "Dial M for Monkey: Rasslor". Usually he only appears briefly to fight for a brief moment or get defeated just as quickly. He seems to like watermelon and gets along well with Miss Spell, and both even participated in a potato sack race together. He also seems to be a bit over-dramatic, as he had the most horrified and pained expression when the Silver Spooner stole the ketchup.

Powers and abilities

Phan Tone's abilities are never fully shown due to his very few brief appearances. As such, his only known abilities are flight and intangibility. Although considering his name and introduction, he may have some sort of musical or sound-based abilities. The fact that he was one of the few heroes summoned by Rasslor to represent his planet shows that Phan Tone is one of the most powerful heroes on Earth.

Episode appearances

  • Rasslor
  • Barbequor
  • Pain in the Mouth

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