Phantasma is one of Miss Grimwood's students in Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School.


Phantasma is transparent, highlighted by a blue tinge. She has short white hair with a blue streak, worn in a sideways ponytail. She wears a simple light blue dress with high-heeled white go-go boots, like those worn by Penelope Pitstop.


Phantasma is the most loud, hyperactive and playful of the girls, and has a very high-pitched laugh that she uses usually before speaking and to express her feelings. She is also silly and wacky, but is actually smarter than she appears.

She is the most talented and artistic of the girls, showing proficiency at playing the organ and writing her own songs (however, her music inspires fear and is generally morbid in nature). She is also good at swimming.


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