Phony phantom (Haunted House Hang-Up)
Asa Shanks unmasked

A phony phantom appears in "Haunted House Hang-Up", an episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!. He was the disguise of Asa Shanks.

Physical appearance

As the phantom, Shanks wore a simple white sheet over his casual clothes.


Shanks wanted to find Penrod Stillwall's family fortune, which was hidden somewhere in the latter's broken-down mansion. The gang and Stillwall heard chopping from the mansion, so the gang devised a plan to capture the phantom. Fred Jones and Shaggy Rogers found him inside the mansion cutting away at a column, before he noticed them. As he chased them outside, Velma Dinkley and Daphne Blake quickly held up a rope, sending him flying into a column on the porch. Having trapped the phantom under the column, Fred was able to pull the sheet off to reveal Asa Shanks, Stillwall's neighbor. The column turned out to hold Stillwall's great-great-great-grandfather's fortune all along.


  • Shanks' disguise is certainly the weakest of the series, if not the franchise, yet Fred and Shaggy are still frightened by him. This could be because Shanks was holding an ax at first, but he dropped it the moment he began chasing them.
  • Shanks appears to be chopping inside a barn, instead of a mansion.

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