Phylidia Flanders

Phylidia Flanders

Phylidia Flanders was Rufus Raucous's assistant in "Riva Ras Regas", an episode of What's New, Scooby-Doo?.

Physical appearance

Phylidia is a Caucasian female, with dark red hair that goes a little past her shoulders. She wears a white shirt with a gray vest. She also wears black pants.


Phylidia appeared to be pretty calm, and doesn't seem to show a lot of emotion. She never seemed to respect Mr. Wacky Pants, due to him not knowing even the simplest magic tricks, but seemed to think very highly of Rufus Raucous, even though she impersonated him.


She wanted revenge against Del Stone when he wouldn't let her succeed Rufus Raucous. To get that revenge, she impersonated the 'ghost' of Rufus. She was going to make millions after she became the main attraction.

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