Plastic Man (real name Patrick "Eel" O'Brian; see "Notes/trivia" below) is a superhero in DC Comics, acquired from Quality Comics. His animation debut was in "Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C.", a first-season episode of Super Friends, where he was voiced by Norman Alden.

Powers and abilities

Plastic Man has the ability to stretch and mold his body into any shape desired. He also is very durable and able to regenerate lost body parts.


On the parallel universe of Earth-One, Patrick "Eel" O'Brian was a petty crook. Orphaned at age 10 and forced to live on the streets, he fell into a life of crime.

As an adult, he became part of a burglary ring, specializing as a safecracker. During a late-night heist at the Crawford Chemical Works, he and his three fellow gang members were surprised by a night watchman. During the gang's escape, Eel was shot in the shoulder and doused with a large drum of unidentified acid. He escaped to the street, but discovered that his gang had driven off without him. Fleeing on foot and suffering increasing disorientation from the gunshot wound and the exposure to the acid, Eel eventually passed out on the foothills of a mountain near the city. His body now had all of the properties of rubber, allowing him to stretch, bounce and mold himself into any shape.

He immediately determined to use his new abilities on the side of law and order, donning a red, black and yellow (later red and yellow) rubber costume and capturing criminals as Plastic Man.

He concealed his true identity by wearing a pair of white goggles and re-molding his face.

As O'Brian, he maintained his career and connections with the underworld as a means of gathering information on criminal activity.


  • Although he debuted in the first issue of Police Comics (August 1941), Plastic Man is best remembered for his Ruby-Spears series in 1979, where he was voiced by Michael Bell.
  • Plastic Man's real name was never revealed in the series, but the name "Eel O'Brian" was revealed in an episode of The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show called "The Dangerous Doctor Dinosaur". "Patrick" was never used, but we can assume that it's his name, although there's no canon evidence to support this.
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