Porky-O and Julie-Et
  • First aired: October 23, 1982
  • Rebroadcast: November 5, 1983
  • Story by: Unknown
  • Duration: 11 minutes



Porky has fallen in love with a blond girl named Julie, the daughter of the owner of the soda shop. Porky wants to go on a date with her, so the Rascals teach Porky some good table manners in preparation for Porky's first date. The gang set up a restaurant in a garage for the big date.


  • In one scene, Porky is shown with a jar labeled "H&B Jam". This may be a reference to Hanna-Barbera Productions.
  • This episode was later rebroadcast on November 5, 1983, during the second season of the series.
  • In August 1984, this episode, along with "Cap'n Spanky's Showboat", were tied for having the most airings on ABC with eight airings apiece.

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