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Precious Pupp

Precious Pupp and Granny Sweet

Precious Pupp was a clever, yet non-speaking Afghan dog (who chuckles in a "wheezing laugh" almost exactly like Muttley, a character and his grandson introduced three years later) that always outsmarts his enemies. He lived with his owner, Granny Sweet. It first broadcast as part of The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show. Only 26 episodes were produced.

Episode List

Season 1

  1. Precious Jewels -
  2. Doggone Dognapper -
  3. Bites and Gripes -
  4. Queen of the Road -
  5. Crook-out Cook Out -
  6. Next of Kin -
  7. Bowling Pinned -
  8. Poodle Pandemonium - Precious and Bruiser Bulldog compete for a poodle's love.
  9. Dog Tracks -
  10. Sub-Marooned -
  11. Lady Bugged -
  12. Test in the West -
  13. Bones and Groans -
  14. Butterfly Nut -
  15. Precious Bone -
  16. The Bird Watcher -
  17. Dog Trained -
  18. Oliver Twisted -
  19. Pup, Skip, and Jump -
  20. A Grapple for the Teacher -

Season 2

  1. Pot Time Work -
  2. A Fiend in Need -
  3. Ski Sickness -
  4. Mascot Massacre -
  5. A.M. Mayhem -
  6. Girl Whirl - Precious and Bruiser (both in hero costumes) compete with each other by seeing who can do heroic deeds to impress a girl poodle.

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