Prince Abin (1)

Prince Abin

Prince Abin is the heir to the kingdom of Zendat and from The New Scooby Doo Movies Season 2 episode Mystery in persia. He is voiced by Jon Walmsley

Bio: The Prince explained to the gang that strange things have been happening around his palace, like ghostly voices in the night.

Prince Abin told his uncle that a Prince Charming like him would never run from danger and his citizens needed him. When Corey Anders asked him how he found his way around the palace he told him its not easy. When Jeannie asked Abin why would someone would keep him from becoming sultan and he didn't know, he said maybe revenge and that his dad was just the ruler of Zendat. He helped Corey, Jeannie, Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, and Velma Dinkley find the rest of the gang. Abin thought Jeanine was a princess from another kingdom in Persia until Cory told him that Jeanine was really a genie and he was surprised that he was in love with a real genie and to think after he became sultan he would ask her to be his queen.

He thought it was over, after Jeannie trapped the evil jinn in a bottle. Fred asked him if it was over. Jeannie told him to ask the Prince, "If the evil genie was imprisoned for ten thousand years, who let him go?". After they told Abin about it he asked who his master was, and Fred asked Jeannie to show him, and said she'd do it, the prince got a big surprise when he saw it was his uncle Abdullah who did it. When his uncle was done explaining his plan, Abin asked Jeannie what they should do with him. She said it was not for her to judge upon mortals. After that, Velma suggested to let the Great Hajji decide what to do with them. Jeannie put Abdulluh in the bottle along with his slave and sent him away. Abin was relieved it was over. (Mystery in Persia)


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