Princess Francesca

Bio:Princess Francesca is a young lady who only appeared during the beginning of "The Clockwork Smurfette" of Season 7. She was infatuated with King Gerard and, remarkably, stole his attention away from the Clockwork Smurf.

Her voice is unknown, but because it's so sweet and high-pitched, it may have been the same person who voiced Lady Jasmine or Smurfette. Likewise, her and Gerard's relationship has not been explored.

Appearance: Francesca has mid-back length straight white-blonde hair, pale skin, and standard black eyes. She wears a pine green dress with puffy sleeves and black trimmings. She has gold bracelets, green loop earrings, a black choker, and a pair of small black flats. Her crown is small, and she is about 14-15 years old.

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