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Race to racine

Race to Racine is the first half of the 17th episode of Wacky Races. During the race, Dick Dastardly:

  • has Muttley blind Penelope Pitstop with a flash camera;
  • tries to escape his own dry-land torpedo, which Professor Pat Pending turned against him;
  • uses a large mechanical eggbeater to turn the Army Surplus Special the wrong way;
  • launches Muttley into the Ant Hill Mob's car, after which Muttley throws a grenade at Dastardly, and
  • has Muttley spray slow-motion gas over the other racers as they approach the finish line.


  1. Creepy Coupe (incorrectly announced as car #6)
  2. Boulder Mobile
  3. Convert-A-Car

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