Richie Rich Image - Reggie

Reggie Van Dough is the selfish, snobbish cousin of Richie Rich, who is repeatedly trying to play pranks on Richie, only to end up backfiring.

In the comic book series, some of Reggie's non-stop pranks end up attacking his strict father, Reginald Van Dough, Sr., who in turn gets angry and often punishes Reggie for them, usually by spanking. Reggie's mother, Vanessa, is also annoyed by his pranks, but is not so quick to punish him. Reggie also has a baby sister named Penny, who has a lock of hair on her forehead shaped like a dollar sign. Neither of his parents, nor Penny, were seen in the animated series.

In the animated series, he was voiced by Dick Beals, and appeared in at least 17 segments, with the second season having the most appearances. Unlike in the comic book series, he is never seen punished but Richie ends up giving him a comeuppance, and any consequences that Reggie receives is nowhere near as aggressive (e.g., reimbursing funds out of his allowance). As per Saturday morning television standards, the act of spanking was not appropriate for younger viewers to watch.

It can be inferred that Reggie's first name and personality may have been inspired by Reggie Mantle in the Archie Comics series.

Reggie Van Dough's known appearances


  • Reggie was featured on the very first Richie Rich Gems segment in the series.