Richie Hood is the second new Zillion Dollar Adventures segment in the fourth season of the Richie Rich animated series, despite being part of Episode 3 of The Monchhichis/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. It originally aired 24 September 1983 on ABC.


While in England, Reggie Van Dough ridiculed Richie, mentioning he invited Reggie to England just to show him a bunch of trees. Richie clarified that it is no ordinary bunch of trees, but is actually Sherwood Forest, where the legend of Robin Hood took place.


  • This would be the only appearance of Reggie Van Dough during the fourth season, as well as his final appearance in the series.
  • This segment was featured in the VHS compilation Richie Rich: Priceless Toys, which was released around 1997.
  • Reggie mentioned that Maid Marian reminded him of Gloria Glad. Although Nancy Cartwright did provide her voice, Marian is not proven to be a doppelganger of Gloria otherwise, since her hair was not revealed.

Voice Cast