Richie and the Giant Band-Aid is a Gems segment from Season 2 of the Richie Rich cartoon series. The original airdate for this segment is unknown.


Richie shows Gloria Glad his pet whale in a gigantic aquarium. The whale bumps his head against the glass, and summons Nurse Jenny for her help. Jenny drives her mini ambulance to the aquarium. Towards the end, Jenny had attached a band-aid on the whale, and Richie obviously mentioned it was the biggest band-aid ever existed.


  • The only time in the series that Nurse Jenny appeared and had a speaking role, albeit very minor. It is unknown who was credited for providing Jenny's voice.
  • Although unseen, Nurse Jenny supposedly had to end up inside the aquarium to apply the band-aid. It is unknown whether she was in the water in her uniform, or wore scuba gear.