Robert Q. Lewis (born Robert Goldberg, April 5, 1921–December 11, 1991) was an American actor and radio/television host. He played Merkle in C.H.O.M.P.S.


Robert Q. Lewis was born on April 5, 1921, in New York City as Robert Goldberg. He was an actor, known for An Affair to Remember (1957), What's My Line? (1950) and The Golden Twenties (1950). He died on December 11, 1991, in Los Angeles.

According to an article published in the August 10, 1947, issue of The New York Times, Lewis added the middle initial Q. to his professional name at the age of 22. Lewis said, "The Q doesn't signify anything definite. It's an attention getter. Something to make people notice me." In a 1951 interview, Lewis said the Q stood for "anything you want!" And in a 1960s television interview, he stated that after he was born, his parents decided to call it quits.

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