Rock & roll rascals 6b
  • First aired: October 30, 1982
  • Story by: Unknown
  • Duration: 11 minutes



Darla is desperate for an autograph from Greg Groover, a rock musician she has a crush on. Alfalfa feels rejected, so the boys start up a rock band with Alfalfa as the lead singer in an effort to win back Darla's affections. In the end, after Greg's credibility is destroyed, Darla realizes that, as much as she is a fan of Greg Groover, she admires Alfalfa more than a rock star, and then kisses Alfalfa on the cheek, causing him to blush from the neck up.


  • Given that Darla appeared to be 6 years old in the series, the practice of kissing other children at that age constitutes sexual harassment in real life.
  • Darla is a fan of a celebrity in this episode. She would later be a fan of the actor who played Captain Muscles in "The Zero Hero".

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