Sheriff Carmichael

Rufus Carmichael

Rufus Carmichael was the corrupt sheriff of Sorghum City in the 1800's.

Personality: He was jealous of the praise Dapper Jack Rogers got for all his good deeds, so he set him up as cattle rustler, before fatally shooting him in a stand off. He then by impersonated him and went on a crime spree, leading to everyone past and present in Sorghum, including those that knew about him in the Rogers family, to believe he was a no good outlaw. Sheriff Carmichael even wrote a book about him, called Sinister History of Dapper Jack Rogers. Perhaps due to his own vanity, he also wrote the whole truth in a diary.

Appearances: DTV26. Scooby-Doo! Shaggy's Showdown (flashback, no lines)

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