Sarah Ravencroft

Sarah Ravencroft

Sarah Ravencroft is the villain in Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost. She was a powerful witch, as well as the ancestor of the famous horror writer Ben Ravencroft.

Physical appearance

A painting in Ben's mansion depicted Sarah as a beautiful young woman dressed in Wiccan robes, and with a necklace around her neck.

But once she was freed from her prison in the book, her actual appearance was revealed: a ghostly pale middle-aged woman with long white hair that flowed and rippled in the air. She was dressed in a lavender gown, with a red pendant around her neck.


To better persuade Mystery Inc. to help him, Ben gave the false impression that Sarah was an untraditional, kind-hearted Wiccan who helped many sick people who could not afford medical treatment.

But in reality, Sarah was evil and sadistic, with an utter lack of compassion or humane feelings. Arrogant and narcissistic, she was condescending and sarcastic towards others while reacting violently to being mocked. She could be ruthless to those who stood in her way, even to her own family, as shown by her interaction with her own descendant, Ben, who was actually the person who had freed her from her prison.

She was so evil that she wanted to destroy the world as revenge for her imprisonment and had no interest in ruling it.

Powers and abilities

Sarah Ravencroft was arguably the most powerful and terrifying witch Mystery Inc. had ever faced, all the more so since her magic was potent and real. Her witchcraft enabled her to perform numerous terrible yet spectacular feats:

  • Animating objects in any way she pleased and placing them under her control
  • Projecting blasts of fire
  • Encasing a victim in an unbreakable green shell of mystic energy
  • Size manipulation
  • Projecting a darkness that devoured any physical matter in it
  • As a ghost she could fly, expand her body and phase through solid matter.

Voice actresses

  • English: Tress MacNeille
  • Norwegian: Unn Vibeke Hol
  • Polish: Elżbieta Gaertner
  • Swedish: Lena Ericsson

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