Scooby-Doo! Mystery of the Fun Park Phantom is a 1999 mystery computer game developed by Engineering Animation Inc. (EAI) and published by SouthPeak Interactive. The game was released for Microsoft Windows with an ESRB rating of E.


The great Scooby-Doo returns to the PC. Once again Scooby and the gang are called on the solve the mystery of the Fun Park Phantom, who haunts the Gobs family's Fun Park, keeping visitors away, leaving the family with no choice but to close the park. That's where you step in.

You must find all the clues as you control the gang (except for Scooby himself, but if you find the Scooby Snacks that lie about the park, he will show you where to go to find that all-important clue). The graphics and sound are true to the 1970s TV show, with original cutscenes and hand-drawn animation.

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