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Sesame Street is a children's educational television program on PBS, in production since 1969. As of 2016, new episodes are shown on HBO and then repeated on PBS. It has made several mentions of Hanna-Barbera characters and shows.

Mentions of Hanna-Barbera Characters

  • In a Season 16 episode of Sesame Street, one of the kids has two goldfish named Tom and Jerry. When Olivia learns of their names, she says, "Well, I won't go into that."
  • At the end of a Letter of the Day sketch for the letter Z, Prairie Dawn exclaims, "Zoinks!", one of Shaggy's catchphrases in Scooby-Doo.
  • In Episode 3908, Telly compliments Baby Bear's clever idea, to which the latter replies that he's "smarter than the average bear," in reference to Yogi Bear.
  • In Episode 4055, Papa Bear reads from a book of bear names when trying to come up with a name for their new baby. He suggested Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. (The former may be due to the letter Y being the episode's featured letter.)
  • In the Sesame Place stage show The Not-Too-Spooky Howl-o-ween Radio Show!, Grover (dressed as a pumpkin) must leave the scene after the Count's "Five Little Pumpkins" poem. Before he leaves, Grover says, "Exit Grover, stage left!" referencing the catchphrase of Snagglepuss.
  • While the T. rex performs "Do the Dino Groove" in the Sesame Street Live show Elmo's Coloring Book, Baby Bear comments that the T. rex is a regular "Fred Astaire Flintstone" as he dances.

Mentions in Hanna-Barbera Shows

Cast Connections

The following Hanna-Barbera voice actors performed on Sesame Street, either as on-camera actors or in voice roles for animated inserts:

  • Bob Arbogast voiced animated characters and narrated some animated inserts.
  • Daws Butler voiced animated characters, such as the man who hated frogs.
  • Ruth Buzzi played Ruthie, the owner of the Finders Keepers thrift shop, and was the voice of Suzie Kabloozie.
  • Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta and their co-stars from The Simpsons joined Grover in the celebrity version of "Monster in the Mirror".
  • Kathy Gori recorded the songs "It's a Lovely Eleven Morning" and "If You've Lost Your 'L', Look Around".
  • Casey Kasem voiced Robin in three animated inserts, and narrated several others, including voicing the blue man in the "Q for Quarter" segment, who sounds almost like Shaggy.
  • Howard Morris voiced Jughead Jones (from Filmation's The Archie Show), telling a story about himself with the letter J.
  • Gary Owens narrated the "Today's Secret Drawing" inserts, among others. He also played "The Man from Alphabet" in the week of test episodes.
  • Olan Soule voiced Batman in three animated inserts.
  • Arnold Stang voiced a mad scientist who assembled a large capital H.
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